Author Event:

Faith L. Justice

will present with Mary Ann Trail at the National Historical Novel Society convention in Portland, Oregon June 22-24, 2017.

“How Far Can a Horse Walk in a Day and Other Questions of Accurate Historical Travel”

Characters in historical novels do not stay in one place. Sometimes they need to race after kidnappers, sometimes they even travel for fun! May Ann Trail and Fiath Justice set thier novels in very different eras (Uniting Enemies in England 1801 and Twilight Empress in 5C Rome) but faced the same issue. How do you move characters from place to place with historical accuracy? They will discuss their research and the sources they used to provide believable backgrounds to their novels.


Faith’s presentation was scheduled for 8:00 am on Saturday, after the Friday night event “Hooch Through History” and at the same time as “State of Historical Fiction: Agents and Editor’s Roundtable” (a perennial favorite of the conference). In spite of that, Faith and Mary Ann attracted a large and enthusiastic crowd (they hoped for 30 and quit counting at 80). All day, people who attended the gloomy outlook on historical fiction on the other side of the ballroom partition kept asking Faith and Mary Ann, “What were you guys laughing about over there?” Congratulations on a presentation well received!

Attentive audience at the 2017 HNS Portland Conference