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“The historical setting is gorgeously written. The prose is beautiful, sprinkled with vivid descriptions. At the heart of the story is a powerful woman determined to protect her younger brother from scheming enemies. I loved the cinematic writing and focused scenes. Dawn Empress is fast-paced and engaging, one of those novels that will keep fans of historical novels reading through the night.”Readers’ Favorite 5-star review

“A dramatic, adventurous story…Thoroughly enjoyable and highly recommended!”–The Historical Novel Society

“It was outstanding! You are swept away not only by the beautiful storytelling, but also the wonderful illustrations.” Bookish Delights

“The story is a winner from the start…”
–Middle Grade Minded

For the Third Doctor, there are new companions to befriend, new allies to make, a Brigadier to frustrate, and a Master to tussle with. Never a dull moment here on Earth.

Coming back for thirds, Hannah J. Rothman settles in for five years as she Tweets and commentates her way through the complete Jon Pertwee era of Doctor Who. Hop in for a ride in Bessie and get your sonics ready.

Meet our authors:

FAITH L. JUSTICE is a science geek and history junkie, which is reflected in her writing. Her short stories and poems have appeared in such publications as The Copperfield ReviewBeyond Science Fiction and Fantasy, and the Circles in the Hair anthology. Her novel Twilight Empress took first honors in the Maryland Writers Contest. Her historical novel Selene of Alexandria was a finalist in the Global eBook Awards. Faith has published over fifty articles in venues such as Salon.com, Writer’s Digest, The Writer, and Bygone Days. She’s the chair of the New York City chapter of the Historical Novel Society, an Associate Editor for Space & Time Magazine, a frequent contributor to Strange Horizons, and co-founded a writer’s workshop more years ago than she cares to admit.

To contact Faith, read her essays and interviews, or get a sneak preview of her historical novels, visit her website.

HANNAH J. ROTHMAN was introduced to the nerd world at a young age and has never left. After a childhood of storytelling and an adolescence of LARPing, she recently became an English graduate from the College of Wooster. In addition to her Twitter Who series, Hannah has contributed to several publications and blogs, including the New York Public Library website, Outside In vol 1., and the upcoming Chicks Dig Gaming and Outside In vols 2 and 3.

You can connect with Hannah at her website.

News and Author Events:

Event: Join the Audio Book Revolution!

Author Event: Faith L. Justice will moderate a panel for the Historical Novel Society-New York City chapter, January 28th, 2020. Details below: Free and open to the public: Tuesday, January 28, 2020; 6 – 8 pm Jefferson Market Library, Willa Cather Room 425 Avenue of...

Event: Panel Presentation at 2019 HNS Convention

Author Event: Faith L. Justice Presents to the North America Historical Novel Society's convention in June 2019. "How to Build and Run a Local HNS Chapter"   Chair of the New York City Chapter of the Historical Novel Society along with three other panelists...

Event: Writing a Culture Panel

Faith L. Justice will be reading from her novel Twilight Empress for a panel on "Writing a Culture." Sponsored by the Historical Novel Society-New York City chapter, October 16th, 2018. Details below: